Help with Running Your Organization, Raising your capacity, and Improving your Accounting Systems

Funding.  Budgeting.  Compliance.   As a not-for-profit organization you may find you need the support and guidance of a CFO or Director of Finance — but cannot afford the cost to hire one full-time.  We can help.   Our CFO outsourcing services are designed to support you with the right amount of accounting oversight so you can make better decisions, focus on your mission and core competencies, and get control over your finances. With CFO Selections as your partner, you can rest assured knowing an experienced executive is supervising and improving the financial side of your organization.

Services Include:

  • Managing investments & reporting
  • Grant reporting
  • Cash flow projection and expense reduction
  • Board/Audit committee governance, reporting, and support
  • Budget preparation and management
  • Payout planning
  • Coordination of audits
  • Direct and indirect expense allocations
  • Reporting and tracking of multiple funds and restrictions within an organization
  • Tax preparation including forms 990, 990PF, 990-T, and federal excise taxes
  • Government contract reporting
  • Risk and controls assessment
  • Measurement of  performance and success
  • Updates to  IT Systems and Processes


“Those around [our CFOS consultant] quickly learned to listen to his words of wisdom and questions. Not only has he strengthened our core business practices, he has brought real value, resulting in a much stronger balance sheet.”

-- Kirk Wheeler, Ed.D., Head of School St Thomas School


“CFO Selections delivered exactly what we needed during a stressful and difficult time.  We look forward to calling on CFO Selections in the future should a need arise.”

-- Robert Lowy, Director of HR, Seattle Symphony


“We are confident in our strong financial infrastructure, which we attribute to the expertise of our CFO Selections consultant.”

-- Diana Dollar, Executive Director, The Prosperity Agenda


“Our CFOS Consultant  has not only done a superb job as a CFO but he has also been instrumental in helping us put together a proposal that brought in much-needed and very timely funding. He has taken a very active and engaged role here at New Futures. I, and my board, are very pleased that we decided to choose CFO Selections to fill our finance leadership needs.”

-- Jenn Remirez Robinson, Interim Executive Director, New Futures


“I find [our consultant] to be calm under pressure, articulate, and able to convey complex financial structures in a way that supports decision-making for those on our board and administrative team who do not come from a financial background.”

-- Kirk Wheeler, Ed.D., Head of School St Thomas School


“CFO Selections has exceeded our expectations.  They were able to quickly understand the complexity of our organization and effectively communicate the financial implications of decisions.”

-- Michael Stewart, Executive Director, Boyer Children’s Clinic



A charitable foundation providing time, talent, and treasure to foster children within the communities CFO Selections serves.


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