Cash-flow forecasts help business owners see their cash needs in advance and allows them to make tactical decisions to influence cash flow. 

Changes to pricing, marketing initiatives, expansions, staffing and other core expenses gives you a look into the future before a cash crisis.


A cash-flow calculator gives you visibility of your future cash needs and an opportunity to influence your businesses' cash flow.

By inputting amounts in the spreadsheet, you can see how future cash flow would be modified based on activities, such as:


An increase or decrease in revenue


Increases or reductions in cost of goods sold


Buying or selling assets


Obtaining a loan


Evaluating payroll costs and future changes in staffing


The impact on cash of Investments, mergers, and acquisitions

This simple cash flow calculator will allow you to do a quick cash flow health check of your business. It is easy to use and will help you discover why, when, and where you may have cash flow issues.

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