Bart Anderson


Bart is a senior finance executive with over twenty years of experience in a variety of fields.  His passion is helping small and medium sized companies grow through operational process improvements, superior reporting, and enhanced internal controls.  His professional experience has led him to various industries including finance, real estate development, and manufacturing. Additionally, he has experience working in many different ownership structures.

Prior to joining CFO Selections, Bart was the Chief Financial Officer at Blue Dog Bakery, where he oversaw multiple ownership changes through investment purchases while bringing increased reporting and internal controls to leverage his small operational team.  Additionally, he has worked at Vulcan, where he was tasked with monitoring and reporting on the real estate developments of South Lake Union.  He has overseen several ERP enhancements including new budgeting and manufacturing modules that have greatly enhanced organizational efficiency.

Bart holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin.  Originally from Texas, Bart relocated to Seattle in 1997 with Ernst & Young.  He resides in Seward Park with his wife and two miniature doodles.  He is an avid world traveler but loves his Pacific Northwest backyard.

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