Mary Mitchell


Mary brings over 20 years of care and focus to the areas of financial and business management in nonprofit organizations. Her passion serving nonprofits started when she worked in grants administration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. After leaving government work, she pursued a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management with a focus on Leadership and has since worked with various nonprofit organizations, both as an employee and as a consultant.

 Mary's financial management experience is a direct result of her earlier work in grants administration. She found many organizations lacked understanding their fiduciary responsibility to support the missions. She worked with nonprofit leadership and boards on governance and building strong foundational practices for financial management. She also assisted visionaries incorporating nonprofit organizations and started them off with core foundational practices. This led to her study of nonprofit accounting, audits, and 990 reporting through online coursework and trainings. Mary values life-long learning, more recently she acquired certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources to enhance services she provides organizations. 

 In her free time, Mary enjoys the boundless energy of her rescue pup and their adventures in Colorado.

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