Georg Langer


Georg has a broad range of experience in small to mid-sized private and public companies. He has led companies through various growth stages from start-up to maturity, and on to stability and expansion. He is especially skilled at helping companies figure out their vision, mission, and strategy, and translating strategic goals into relevant KPIs and reporting. Georg has experience leading accounting and finance teams internationally, both in working for companies with international subsidiaries, and in working for subsidiaries of international companies.

 Prior to joining CFO Selections, Georg supported the $6.3M series B funding of Hubb Inc., a software company that placed amount the fastest growing companies in the Portland area two years in a row. He also built finance processes for Coolest, the second highest funded Kickstarter campaign. Preceding those two roles, he helped transition Concept Systems, an engineering services company, from owner run to a professional management team, and he transitioned Pipeworks, a video game producer, from being a developer for hire to an original IP developer.

Georg holds an MBA from Duke University and a BS from Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna, Austria. He speaks fluent German and has a working knowledge of French. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the magnificent outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and daughter.

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