Haitham Abdel-Hadi


CFO, Controller, and Business Consultant with 20 years of progressive experience in business development, from startup to $100M in annual revenues. Expert in professional challenges that utilizes interpersonal skills, excellent time management and problem-solving skills, offering keen financial acumen to lead businesses to profitability in both lean times and periods of growth. Known for excellent recruiting, hiring, and managing high-performance teams. Proficient Accounting Manager/Controller in the for-profit business sector, knowledgeable about financial leadership and operational needs. Decisive leader and forward-thinking with excellent attention to detail and a hardworking mentality. Talent for overcoming operational issues, efficiencies, developing procedures and driving proactive improvements. Strong history of achieving both financial and non-financial business goals with effective controls and planning. 

Haitham was born with numbers flowing in his veins. He was always that extraordinary student in math when he was in school to a level where he started tutoring his classmates’ math. That was his first step in becoming a finance and accounting professor, as well as a financial leader in businesses. He worked all the way up from junior accountant to senior accountant to controller then a CFO. Haitham has worked with a variety of industries in Portland Oregon, such as healthcare, interpretation services, manufacturing, retail, automotive, international trading, staffing and recruiting agencies, property management, and restaurants. He has experience with project-based work, part-time or fractional CFO positions, interim and long-term contracts. 

A few notable businesses Haitham has worked with are: Linguava Interpreters Inc., and BMW Motorrad. Key skills as endorsed by his clients and colleagues include Financial Analysis, Strong Leadership, Financial Reporting Expertise, Creativity & Problem Solving, Training & Coaching, Strategic Planning, Efficiency & Cost Savings, and Communication skills.

Haitham holds a Master’s degree in Financial Analysis, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Some of his hobbies are soccer, squash, swimming, and RV camping with his family in beautiful Oregon.

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