Jerome Kline

Jerome-KlineOver 15 years of experience in accounting and finance, focusing over the last 8 years in Media and Advertising with Billups Inc. During that tenure, company doubled revenue through a combination of leveraged acquisition and organic growth. Jerome scaled up the financial infrastructure and culture to accommodate and facilitate volume growth, while being responsible for Billups’ compliance with all tax laws, GAAP accounting, and legal contracts as the company’s senior finance leader. Nominated as CFO of the Year, 2016 by the Portland Business Journal.

Prior to Billups, experiences at Deloitte and Touche and Tektronix provided best in class training and exposure to both accounting operations and a variety of different clients. During his five years at Deloitte, Jerome served clients in timber, banking, professional services and non-profit.

In 2007, earned a Masters in Accounting from UNC-Chapel Hill after completing Prior a Bachelors in Management from Webster University. Served in the Army as a Chef, including one tour as part of the peace keeping effort in Kosovo. Volunteers at the Audit Committee of the French American International School, and as a Board Member of Financial Executives International. Enjoys golf and skiing in his spare time.

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