Douglas Farnell


Doug has extensive executive experience in manufacturing, technology, international trade, professional service, and non-profit organizations.

Most of his experiences have been with rapidly growing organizations which have presented cash flow challenges and the need for systems and processes to expand along with management requirements that were continuously evolving.

Highlights of his career include creating a new accounting system (pre-QuickBooks) to implementing an ERP system and positioning an international trade company so it could grow from $25M per year to $500M per year in revenue.

Words like “entrepreneurial,” and “innovation” have been a part of Doug’s vocabulary for over two decades as he has taken his learnings in financial management and shared them with operations managers to make integrated and dynamic organizations.

In addition to prioritizing staff and systems development he has authored a “Go-To” resource for early-stage CEO’s and CFO’s: Entrepreneurship and Startups – A CFO’s Perspective, available in PowerPoint / Google Slide formats.

Doug received his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Syracuse University, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University.

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