Greta Hotopp


A veteran of financial markets on three continents, Greta brings a wealth of experience in helping small businesses grow their profits, launching and stabilizing start-ups in a range of niches including civic tech, SaaS, PaaS, tech consulting services, financial services, trading, broking, valuation, wealth management, investment due diligence, experiential education and leadership training, and data-centered strategy development. She has additional experience in HR including payroll and onboarding.

 Greta has delivered CEOs’ visions from pre-breakeven runways to growth-stage sustainability by tuning internal financial processes and managing related change, optimizing systems, budgeting and planning for realizable growth, sourcing capital, supporting pivots, and bringing data to quantify opportunities or costs of problematic restraints on growth.

A Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from Cornell University and MBA from the Yale School of Management enhance Greta’s love of learning systems and analyzing problems to find optimal avenues forward. She has enjoyed living in Seattle for several years.

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