Harold Alexander


Harold has gathered unique experience in his forty years in business. A degree in accounting helped lay the foundation for a career that has gone beyond preparing monthly financial statements. He has been given the opportunity to travel internationally, negotiating contracts, researching business opportunities, and starting new companies. Manufacturing has been at the core of his work, and markets have included high tech, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing services. Along with his duties as CFO, typically COO responsibilities have also been part of his daily routine.

Collaborating with people and providing mentorship is an important part of what makes work enjoyable for Harold. In the past, he has helped staff thrive by asking the correct questions, and challenging and encouraging productive thinking. He believes that processes do not need to be overly complex, it really is about understanding the problem/opportunity, finding the best solution, taking action, measuring results, then taking corrective action if needed. Simple answers are always the best.

Prior to joining CFO Selections, Harold worked for a telecommunication OEM that grew from $7 million in annual revenue to $115 million. He has owned his own business, a contract manufacturer who assembled complex wiring harnesses for companies like Philips Medical, Agilent Technologies and Lufthansa Technik. In addition to this, he has worked with companies providing parts for Boeing Commercial and Defense, as well as Rockwell Collins and Airbus.

Harold received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Eastern Washington University.

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