Jeff Kaufman


Jeff is a forward-thinking business leader and financial executive with over twenty-five years of progressive experience in strategic planning, financial analysis and management, accounting controls and risk assessment, business process re-engineering, product development, and IT planning and execution. He has repeatedly introduced management and technology innovations that drove multimillion-dollar revenue growth, grew market share and profit margins, identified and prioritized opportunities, reduced risks, and slashed costs.

 Jeff has many significant accomplishments in a range of industries with organizations small and large. In his career, Jeff has transformed the books of several organizations and twice managed an ERP/accounting system conversion. He restructured a company’s $25 million annual operating budget by re-organizing the financial structure and chart of accounts along newly-created profit center lines, giving visibility and control over cost of products and profitability by site. Jeff has dealt successfully with the IRS for payroll tax audits and with both the state of Nevada and the state of Arizona for sales tax audits. He has also been brought into engagements to determine if fraud or malfeasance has occurred.

 Jeff has the expertise to analyze business processes and procedures and recommend changes to increase efficiency and reduce error. His ability to quickly assess and adapt to new situations is exceptional. The effective and judicious use of technology provides an important element to his problem solving.

 In addition, Jeff’s project management background and expertise gives him the ability to quickly diagnose situations and propose solutions with realistic milestones and with the organization’s needs in mind. Jeff has received accolades for keeping management and owners comfortable and confident in his easy-to-understand management reporting.

 Jeff holds an MBA degree in Finance from the University of Georgia, a BA in Economics from the University of Virginia, and a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from the Project Management Institute.

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