Russ Wright


Russ has more than 30 years of private and public company experience in CFO, Controller, and Director of Finance and Integration roles, incorporating finance and operational responsibilities in industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution, and retail to life sciences and biotech. He has worked throughout North America as well as with international entities in the UK, China, Canada, and Mexico. In addition to several roles as the most senior financial executive where he ran his own “shop,” Russ has over 10 years of experience evaluating and directing the financial integration of newly acquired subsidiaries.

While Russ has an extensive skill set in technical accounting and finance, he is also keenly aware that “numbers” are only part of the equation, and the best efforts are for naught if results are dated, not understood, or don’t provide a basis for where to go next. To this end Russ’ approach focuses on output that provides timely, relevant, actionable information and tools to the organization. He maintains a holistic business orientation that is sensitive to the organization’s needs balanced against constraints and resources, and he understands that the accounting tail shouldn’t wag the dog. Russ also enjoys teaching clients, and is able to break down complex accounting processes and concepts into analogies that enhance clarity, understanding of the benefits, and ultimately acceptance of change.

Beyond the typical financial reporting responsibilities, Russ has had responsibility for vendor relations, negotiation of supplier agreements and financing, insurance/risk management, cash management, credit and collection, payroll, health and welfare benefits negotiation, external audit management, budgeting/forecasting/analysis, and inventory/warehouse/distribution management.

Russ received his accounting degree (Cum Laude) from Seattle University, served in the US Army, and is a rare born and raised Seattle native. Russ enjoys cooking, weekends with his wife Lee exploring the Great Northwest by motorcycle or boating in the San Juan Islands, and travel.

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