Help with Running Your Business, Improving your Accounting Systems, and Hiring a Full-Time CFO

calc4Like our Controller Advisory Services group, our CFOs provide part time, interim, and project-based financial expertise to small and medium-sized businesses.    In general, the work they do is focused on business and financial strategy; our CFOs know how to use the tools of accounting and finance to help business owners make the best possible decisions.

Our team includes CFOs with experience in diverse industries and all stages of business including startup, high growth, turnaround, and simple to complex M&A.  We know how to identify the key issues to your company, prioritize them for you, and execute for results that are measurable.

If you are looking for a permanent, full-time CFO, our Search Group can assist you in finding the perfect fit for your business.  CFO Selections is a retained search firm specializing in the placement of executive, senior, and middle management team leaders exclusively in the areas of accounting and finance. We work with all industries and with organizations ranging in size from small, emerging companies to Fortune 500 firms, both privately and publicly held.   We have placed hundreds of accounting and finance professionals in Pacific Northwest companies and nationally.

Listed below are just some of the customizable services we can offer you. To discuss your specific needs with a CFO Selections partner, please call or email us.

Startup and Emerging Company Support

Setting up your company’s financial processes correctly will save time and prevent headaches down the road. Let us help you set up your business right.

  • Financial discipline and controls that really work
  • Business plan creation and update
  • Appropriate procedures and processes

Business Modeling, Forecasting, Metrics and Analysis

How do you know if your business is on-track?  We can help with planning, modeling and forecasting, and then measure the progress using metrics designed around your company’s needs.

  • Business plan financial projections and forecasting
  • Budgets and tactical operations estimates
  • New business or product modeling
  • Financial model creation and sensitivity analysis
  • Business/Product modeling and analysis
  • Business metric development

Cash Management, Treasury, and Banking

Our financial experts can track where the money goes and help you manage the flow of cash.

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Establishment and/or review of banking relationships
  • Analysis of cash management, fees, and costs
  • Loan and credit line negotiation
  • Metrics and monitoring tools

Acquisition, Sale, and Due Diligence Services

Buying a business or selling your own can be a complicated, time-consuming process that takes you away from your company’s day-to-day business. Our executives have experience in evaluating companies for purchase and preparing companies for sale, providing guidance during every stage of the process.

  • Commercial due diligence and evaluation
  • Exit strategy development and support
  • Target identification
  • Pre-due diligence support
  • Deal structure and negotiations
  • Professional services referrals and network

Profit Improvement Planning and Restructuring

When your bottom line needs improvement, CFO Selections executives can provide an objective view of your company’s needs and where changes can be made without jeopardizing your company’s vision or values.

  • Cost analysis and reorganization support
  • Expense reduction programs
  • Vendor analysis and negotiations
  • Outsourcing analysis, planning and implementation
  • Alternative scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis

Staff Development

  • Mentoring and coaching for your current accounting department
  • Training on best practices where needed

Controller Search

  • Retained search conducted by our highly experienced search team
  • Backed up by our proprietary database of financial executives, developed over 15 years in the search business
  • Needs assessment, creation of position description & recruitment strategy, candidate sourcing, and candidate evaluation


“Thanks to Jeff for improving the quality of our financial reporting so that we could pass the due diligence requirements for a major transaction.”

-- Nick Goyak, General Counsel, Powin Corporation


“We have been so grateful to have Robert from your consulting team as part of Oiselle. He has truly been a difference maker.”

-- Sally Bergeson, Founder + CEO, Oiselle


“CFO Selections does an exceptional job of getting to know both their candidates and their clients.  This paid dividends in my case as Alex brought a relocation opportunity to me after working with me on another position.  It turned out to be a great fit professionally and personally.  This would not have happened had Alex not spent the time with me up front, stayed in touch, and reached out when he identified the potential opportunity.”

-- Sean Tallarico, Controller, Pope Resources/Olympic Resource Management


“CFO Selections has sent us the perfect person to help streamline our processes, evaluate our financial product and personnel and respond to questions that were beyond basic bookkeeping. We love having her as part of our team!”

-- Toyan Copeland, Co-owner, The Copeland Group


“CFO Selections delivered the finance professional we were looking for.  This individual not only provides the technical expertise we need but also is an excellent fit with our corporate culture.”

-- Andy Skipton, CFO, Logos Bible Software


“When we needed specific skills for a project, CFO Selections was able to quickly find someone who was a great fit for both our project and our company. We saved months of recruiting and got help on the terms and timeline we needed.”

-- Bob Pritchett, President/CEO, Logos Bible Software


“My recruiting and HR team made the comment that CFO Selections is one of the top two executive search firms they have worked with in all their years of recruiting.  This is high praise from an experienced team.”

-- Lynn Takaki, VP – HR, Precor Incorporated


“Our short term consultant filled our urgent need and we also ended up being able to hire a stellar candidate thanks to Rich’s help in the search; Leann is the perfect technical and cultural match for us.”

-- Martinique Grigg, Exec. Director Mountaineers


“The outsourced CFO is an ideal, cost effective solution for many of our small and mid-sized clients that don’t yet need a permanent financial executive on staff.”

-- Mike Gano, Managing Partner, The Partners Group



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