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We definitely made the right choice with CFO Selections and Matt Drosendahl.  He is very interested in our process and has great ideas.  We are excited to have financial management tools that we can use to see the health of our business and look forward to seeing those in action. We really enjoy working with Matt, he interfaces very well with our entire team."

-Steve Smith
SuperSeer Corporation

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the support CFO Selections has provided to our agency. The work that both Erin and Karla did to support us through some transitions have had immeasurable positive impacts on our business and I am forever grateful to both for everything they have done for us. I highly recommend CFO Selections, and particularly Erin and Karla, for any environment they walk into!"

-Janet Bruckshen, Executive Director
Washington Vocational Services

Your intuition about Randy being a perfect fit for our company was spot on! We have a lot of work to do but Randy is the perfect addition to helping us achieve our goals! Thank you!"

-Stephanie Neff, 
VM West, LP

Laurie has been great to work with! She has offered support to the finance team and helped with strategy and other needs when asked. We are very thankful for her!"

-Amy Sovocool,
Conservation Legacy

CFO Selections has been a fantastic partner to work with at Leanin’ Tree. Based on a few discussions, the team matched us up with Curt Edwards as our interim CFO. Curt was a perfect fit! His leadership in both the finance area as well as for the company was much needed during this time. Curt was also able to quickly get up to speed on our industry and implement process improvement solutions that fit the company and industry as a result."

-Karl Kunz, Owner|CEO
Traveler Transportation

With the challenge of hiring a CFO and Controller at the same time, we turned to Alex de Soto and CFO Selections to assist us with both searches. We really appreciated the time and attention that were put into finding a pool of viable candidates allowing us to choose the best CFO for our company. In addition, for the Controller search, Alex spent the time to consider the demeanor and strengths of the candidates and offered suggestions for a “pairing” of CFO/Controller candidates that made sense for us. 

In the end, we were exceptionally pleased with both hires and would work with CFOS and Alex in the future should we need additional support for hiring Finance and Accounting roles.  Great experience!"

-Dana Montanari, Chief People Officer
PCC Community Markets

Krish Srinivasan, President & CEO
PCC Community Markets

Stefan from CFO Selections has been great in helping us with a big budget project. It has been a blessing to have him assist us. His knowledge and expertise have been vital. I had such a great experience with you in the past and a bad experience with another company.

Initially, I had some doubts about working remotely vs. on-site, but Stefan was very hands-on and communicated effectively. I expect to use Stefan for other projects as well.

I am truly grateful and glad I reached out to CFO Selections. “

-Sarah Miranda, CFO, 
The Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason & Thurston Counties, caclmt.org

I am so grateful that Curt Edwards and CFO Selections Colorado was able to jump in when we were in transition, keeping our accounting ship afloat during a personnel change. Not only did Curt provide wonderful service as our interim controller, but he took very detailed notes on everything he did and we transcribed that into a living working document so we always have that backup. That alone is worth its weight in gold! This allowed our new staff member to transition into the role smoothly and I am totally confident our year will progress with no hiccups as a result. This was a great value!”

-Amy DeVan, Executive Director, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP

We could not be happier with Kim Wegener from CFO Selections. Kim is who we needed at this time, and a great match for our organization! Kim provides the right level of information to ensure board members make informed decisions.

We appreciate the time and energy Kim invested updating systems in finance, accounting, and billing. We know the work can be exhausting. We have seen excellent progress.

Kim has brought a great strategic sense to the Seattle Counseling Service agency. She provided an analysis and outline for how to shift to growth and diversification of revenue sources. She outlined needed changes and a timeline for the team to complete current objectives.

We are VERY HAPPY with Kim. She is hitting it out of the park. I anticipate a great future with Kim. She has been incredibly valuable and an important part of the work we are currently undertaking."

- Christopher Welch
Chair, Board of Directors - Seattle Counseling Service

- Gunner Scott
Co-Chair, Board of Directors - Seattle Counseling Service

We were lucky to have Dave McGee from CFO Selections assist us on an interim basis while we searched for a new finance leader. We really appreciate his help and actions to date! He was fully engaged with the company and with the finance team in his interim role. He understood the priorities, asked exceptionally relevant questions and helped us immeasurably."

- Pam Drexler, Executive Vice President / COO, Rain City Capital 

Richard Anderson from CFO Selections has been providing outsourced contract CFO services and analysis. The CFO Selections team has been exceptional when navigating the ever-changing landscape of PPP and the SBA. I would highly recommend CFO Selections and specifically CFO Richard Anderson to answer these and any other questions you may have regarding PPP."

- Todd A. Baker, President, Baker Rock Resources

Jeff Dunn from CFO Selections performed a very insightful evaluation of our finance department in late 2019. Based on his recommendations, we brought on a fractional CFO from CFO Selections just before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. It did not take long to realize that we should have done this much sooner, and the value was tremendous. His insight helped us weather the storm and emerge strong as a recovery begins. We were so impressed with our fractional CFO that we contacted Jeff and initiated the discussion to bring him on in a fuller capacity. I am happy to report we now have a full-time CFO and he is making a difference every day.

As one of my colleges put it when I stated that CFO’s are “spendy,” he replied, “it is far more expensive not to have one on your team.” I could not agree more!”

-Bill Hall, Vice President, Wilcox + Flegel

With a fiscal year ending and a looming 2020 budget we knew we needed expert help quickly. Recalling the years of support by CFO Selections, I reached out to Jeff Dunn. He called me back later that same day and introduced me to Minda Hevly. Minda jumped in straight away and was a wonderfully calming influence on the team of three accountants she inherited. On her own, Minda partnered with me on the creation of the budget and proudly completed the 2019 financial statement and single audit. We will always be grateful for Jeff and CFO Selections who were there for us when we needed them."

- Ryan Dean, Chief Financial Officer, FareStart

Faced with a CFO vacancy during our fiscal year budgeting process, it was critical for us to quickly bring in financial leadership to not only support our normal financial functions, but also help us navigate the unprecedented and unpredictable situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Karen Scholl from CFO Selections provided all that and more. Within a week, CFO Selections connected us with Karen and she was able to start working with us almost immediately. For the three months Karen worked with Bastyr, she made quick connections, pushed forward critical budgeting to-dos, provided strategic counsel on our pandemic response, and kept Bastyr’s long-term financial needs top of mind. Karen was instrumental in her leadership to get Bastyr in position to take advantage of a CARES act PPP loan, which is a great support as we navigate through the financial consequences of the pandemic.  CFO Selections and Karen made a stressful time as smooth as possible and we are grateful."

- Harlan Patterson, President, BASTYR UNIVERSITY

We are a fast growing business that started with one person. We had never had a CFO but thought we were reaching the point we could use one, but weren’t sure. Myself and our GM are both Vistage members and have heard other people’s testimonies on how CFO Selections had helped them for both part-time and full-time CFO needs. We decide to hire a part-time CFO two days a week and evaluate our need. After about six months we were very impressed with the work our CFO had accomplished and decided it would be beneficial to hire a full time CFO. Our part-time CFO helped us write the job description and interview the four very qualified candidates CFO Selections had recruited. We couldn’t be happier with the CFO we hired and would recommend CFO Selections to any company considering a CFO."

- Don Nelson, Founder and President, Team Nelson Earthwork & Utilities

Bill Palmer has been an incredible partner as we’ve developed and implemented many strategic initiatives over the years. St. Thomas School is a thriving and growing school, and it has been essential for me, as Head of School, to have a CFO who is a strategic thinker, creative, and passionate about education, and yet also detailed, knowledgeable, and professional. I cannot say enough about how this partnership with CFO Selections has helped us, as an independent school, have the resident expertise we need, while also being good stewards of our financial resources."

- Kirk Wheeler, Ed.D., St. Thomas School | Head of School

When our small company needed high-level finance expertise fast, CFO Selections connected us with a terrific placement in no time flat. We so appreciate the service and resources that CFO Selections provides, and I highly recommend them to any business in need of expert financial professionals."

- Sarah Hanson, President, Sasquatch Books

cfo-selections-testimonialsAmy earned the respect of our entire senior management group and we appreciated her professionalism and efforts at ANA. 

- W John Short, Accell North America,
Chief Executive Officer

Judy's professional input and oversight of our admin staff has been a great fit!  The plan drawn up last spring is now fully implemented and working well.

- Ruth Hakso, Co-owner, Kemp West

I felt we could completely trust your guidance as you’d really taken the time to understand us and our needs, at a very detailed level. Your insights and recommendations were so spot on, and I really appreciated the time you took to “get” what we needed. I’ve never had quite that experience with a search partner before and this was the best search experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Thank you very much for closing out a very well executed, high quality search. We are beyond thrilled to have been able to attract a talent such as Kim, and you were a big part of that."

- Angie Peterson | CHRO |
CAR∙TOYS Inc. & Wireless Advocates LLC

As a culture-centric, mission-driven business that is growing extremely fast, we needed support finding a CFO who could handle the challenges of growth while embracing our unique approach to putting people before profit. I had worked with CFO Selections in the past and trusted them enough to choose them again. They presented us with candidates from around the country, including a great local candidate whom we are thrilled to have hired.

- Scott Svenson, Co-Founder & CEO, Mod Pizza

CFO Selections was a great partner in our VP Finance search.  As we interviewed candidates, our search criteria shifted, and Alex helped us think through the implications for the role and search.  In the end, CheckSum replaced our long-time VP Finance when he retired with a fantastic new member of our senior team.  We couldn’t be happier with the service and outcome."

- John VanNewkirk, President, CheckSum

Todd has been a great colleague in the transition and search. Knowing that he and CFO Selections represents the expertise that we have needed has given us a feeling of security and confidence - and has resulted in a good hire. Thank you for working with us!” 

- Denise Mullen, President, Oregon College of Art and Craft

When CFO Selections was contacted with an urgent need to backfill for our Controller we received in Vincent Robertson a highly trained professional CFO who quickly strove to understand our business drivers and was not only able to provide status quo but improved the quality and effectiveness of the strategic, financial and business information we needed to manage our growth. 

I highly recommend CFO Selections to any business that is need of quality strategic and functional financial leadership."

- Philip Aronson, President and CEO of Aronson Security Group, Inc.

With very little notice we needed to fill the vacancy in the leadership of our finance team and CFO Selections delivered. Myself, the board, the accounting staff and several of our managers are very appreciative of Russ' great support and guidance. No question we're in a much better position because of his personal efforts."

- Alex Jarzebowicz, CEO, TransACT Communications, LLC

When we needed specific skills for a project, CFO Selections was able to quickly find someone who was a great fit for both our project and our company. We saved months of recruiting and got help on the terms and timeline we needed.” 

-- Bob Pritchett, President/CEO, Logos Bible Software

Our requirements were extremely broad. I was skeptical myself when I reread the job description. But within weeks, CFO Selections had assembled a half-dozen candidates with the requisite skill, motivation, and values—and our ultimate selection was a genuine superstar."

- Denis A. Hayes, President & CEO, Bullitt Foundation

I thought you and your team did an outstanding job. Frankly, it is the best recruiting experience I have had in several years. You were thorough upfront, managed a well executed and communicated process, and supported the candidate process very thoroughly through your interview, assessment and reference processes.

It was an ideal situation to have two quality candidates in the end to choose from and we are very, very excited to have Kim aboard."

- Dan Brettler | Chairman & CEO| CAR∙TOYS Inc. & Wireless Advocates LLC

CFO Selections delivered the finance professional we were looking for. This individual not only provides the technical expertise we need but also is an excellent fit with our corporate culture.”

-- Andy Skipton, CFO, Logos Bible Software

CFO Selections has sent us the perfect person to help streamline our processes, evaluate our financial product and personnel and respond to questions that were beyond basic bookkeeping. We love having her as part of our team!” 

-- Toyan Copeland, Co-owner, The Copeland Group 

We have been so grateful to have Robert from your consulting team as part of Oiselle. He has truly been a difference maker.” 

-- Sally Bergeson, Founder & CEO, Oiselle

CFO Selections does an exceptional job of getting to know both their candidates and their clients. This paid dividends in my case as Alex brought a relocation opportunity to me after working with me on another position. It turned out to be a great fit professionally and personally. This would not have happened had Alex not spent the time with me up front, stayed in touch, and reached out when he identified the potential opportunity.”

-- Sean Tallarico, Controller, Pope Resources/Olympic Resource Management 

Thanks to Jeff for improving the quality of our financial reporting so that we could pass the due diligence requirements for a major transaction.”

-- Nick Goyak, General Counsel, Powin Corporation

The outsourced CFO is an ideal, cost effective solution for many of our small and mid-sized clients that don’t yet need a permanent financial executive on staff.”

-- Mike Gano, Managing Partner, The Partners Group

CFO Selections delivered exactly what we needed during a stressful and difficult time. We look forward to calling on CFO Selections in the future should a need arise.” 

- Robert Lowy, Director of HR, Seattle Symphony

Both myself, Angelica, the board, and several of our managers are very appreciative of what you've accomplished with us over the past months.  Thank you for all the great support and guidance.  No question we're in a much better position because of your personal efforts.  I only wish we'd had you here from the beginning through the future!

With very little notice we needed to fill the vacancy in the leadership of our finance team and CFO Selections delivered. Myself, the board, the accounting staff and several of our managers are very appreciative of Russ' great support and guidance.  No question we're in a much better position because of his personal efforts.

-- Alex Jarzebowicz, CEO, TransACT Communications, LLC

Our short term consultant filled our urgent need and we also ended up being able to hire a stellar candidate thanks to Rich’s help in the search; Leann is the perfect technical and cultural match for us.” 

-- Martinique Grigg, Exec. Director, Mountaineers

My recruiting and HR team made the comment that CFO Selections is one of the top two executive search firms they have worked with in all their years of recruiting. This is high praise from an experienced team.” 

-- Lynn Takaki, VP – HR, Precor Incorporated

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