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    Answers to frequently asked questions about retained executive search services.

Below are the most common questions asked of our search team.  If you have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at search@cfoselections.com.

What is a retained search?

A retained search is a professional service whereby a company pays a fee to the executive search firm while it manages the entire recruiting process to fill the open senior level position.

What is the fee?

The retained search fee is typically a percentage of the first year base salary or an agreed upon fixed dollar amount.   A portion of the fee is paid upon signing the search contract, a second payment is due while the search for candidates is being conducted, and a final payment is due once the candidate starts their new position  with our client.

Why consider a retained search versus a contingent search?

The retained search firm works in complete partnership with the client to seek out the best group of candidates to be considered for the CFO or Controller position.  The retained firm has committed to getting the position filled.  In a contingent recruiting relationship, there are times whereby the recruiter may be competing with the client for candidates.

Why not try to fill the position on my own?

There are circumstances where we make this recommendation to a potential client.  Our years of experience in finance and recruiting has taught us that not every senior finance opening is suited for a retained search and we will be open and honest with you about that when discussing your open position.

Why does it take more than a month before the client can interview candidates?

Our retained search process is designed to provide the best group of three to five candidates from our process of finding and evaluating candidates, not the first three to five individuals we find that we think could be a match for our client.    It takes time to conduct multiple interviews, especially when reaching out to strong performers who are busy providing finance and accounting work to their current employer.

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