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    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Building a collaborative culture that is unified in its shared values.

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Building a collaborative culture that is unified in its shared values is important for us today and for our future. As a unifying set of beliefs, values help set expectations, drive decision-making, and build a culture that inspires our actions. As CFO Selections continues to grow and expand the many efforts and extraordinary work we do together, it is increasingly critical that everyone understands and act upon common core values to ensure that we operate as a collective group.

Described in more detail, our IDEAL values and how they can be enacted through our professional and personal lives are:

 I Inclusion

To create and foster environments where inclusion and belonging amongst all identities is the top priority for ourselves, our consultants, and our clients.

 D Diversity

To appreciate and celebrate individual, cultural, ethnic, and neurodiverse differences to create and foster an environment of equity and inclusion.

 E Evolve

To be open and conscious of the changes that are occurring internally and externally and allowing these changes to advance our daily practices.

 A Achievement

To be dedicated, motivated, and innovative in ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the tools and resources needed to achieve their organizational and personal goals.

 L Leadership

To be dedicated in ensuring that our leaders exemplify transformational leadership practices that our rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion principles.

While we are never going to be “perfect” in the sense of being without flaws, this is something we are striving towards. Creating the epitome of perfection for our stakeholders.

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