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    CFO Selections Limited Financial Assessment

    Help with Running Your Business, Improving your Accounting Systems

Limited Financial Assessment

CFO Selections will assess as many of the following areas of the Company’s business as reasonably possible in a 20 to 30-hour Limited Financial Assessment. An Executive Summary of Findings and Recommendations will be reviewed with the Company’s management after the assessment.

Areas Typically Assessed

  • Review ‘Internal Reporting’ including, without limitation, all financial and other reporting provided to management, owners, investors and/or board for the last two or three years
  • Review ‘External Reporting’ including, without limitation, all applications, certifications and reporting to various funding sources; tax returns and other filings to relevant government authorities
  • Review existing and recent past projections, financial models, and supporting assumption information
  • Interview relevant personnel and conduct ongoing dialog necessary to identify significant systems and processes
  • Review methods for completing fundamental bookkeeping responsibilities (such as cash receipts, payables, payroll, etc.) and identify areas that may be lacking in controls or could otherwise be made more efficient
  • Interview senior management and potentially their designated constituents (such as board members or representatives from funding sources) to attempt to identify, define and document major financial and financial operations goals and expectations
  • Review various system tools used across the enterprise and provide a general high-level type of systems use map that shows the various functions and interdependencies (including redundancies or disconnects that may exist)
  • Risk management evaluation including, but not limited to, insurance, process exposure, internal controls
  • Operational focus depending on your industry (i.e. shop floor manufacturing, inventory, revenue recognition)
  • Prepare an executive summary of significant findings, impressions and recommendations

Fee Arrangement

  • Fees will be determined after our first introductory meeting between the Company and our CFO Selections Consultant

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