Vega Tom


Vega Tom brings fourteen years of non-profit accounting, finance, and strategic leadership experience.  After starting her career as a construction bookkeeper and office manager, she quickly shifted gears to pursue non-profit work. Driven by a passion for social justice and equity, she transitioned to be the bookkeeper and human resource coordinator for the Hospice of Washington County.

Expanding her leadership skills and experiences with mission driven staff, Vega grew in her roles to become Director of Finance for a non-profit daycare center and on to Chief Operating Officer of a women’s empowerment organization called World Pulse. She also worked with 211info as CFO and the Native American Youth and Family Center as Director of Finance. Additionally, she has experience providing consulting services to small businesses and non-profits on financial systems, budgeting, human resources, and strategic planning.

Vega holds a Political Science degree from Reed College, and an MBA from the University of Portland, with a focus on finance and sustainability. She enjoys running, drawing, dancing, and playing the saw.

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