Bruce Frazier


Bruce Frazier has a 32-year career in accounting and management. He has experience in public accounting, controller, and CFO positions for private companies including large exposures to agricultural and co-op accounting. He has also established several businesses of his own including rental real estate and entertainment facilities in Washington State.

Most recently, he was the General Manager of a large fruit packing warehouse in the Yakima Valley for over a decade. Prior to that, he was Controller at another Fruit growing concern. In these roles, Bruce has expanded on his knowledge of accounting and gained competencies in management, technology, employee benefits, and food safety. While working in the fruit industry, Bruce was instrumental in setting up a self-insured medical program and driving the installation of a robotic production line in order to lower costs. Bruce has been partnering with CFO Selections since 2014 and has gained insights in hops, construction, wheat, potatoes, onions and various other businesses since that time.

Bruce earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington State University. He has served on several nonprofit boards including the Apple Education Foundation and Manzana Health and Welfare Trust. In his free time, Bruce strives to increase his ability to communicate in Spanish whenever possible.

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