Maarten-Jan Waasdorp

Maarten-Jan-WaasdorpMaarten-Jan is a well-seasoned CFO and Management Consultant with over 30 years of progressive experience in business development, ranging from family businesses and startups to multi-billion Fortune 100 companies. He has broad experience in many industries, but his key expertise lies in technology, especially SaaS and other software companies. He excels in working with both data as well as people. His analytical mindset and problem-solving skills create fitted solutions for short- and long-term challenges and strategies. Known for his process and team-building skills, he has improved various facets of many companies, not just the bottom line. He is comfortable working with C-Level and rolling up his sleeves to help wherever it's needed.

From a young age, Maarten-Jan was keen on numbers and logic. Combining both with a creative mindset, he started developing a unique approach early in his career. He has been able to guide management in the right direction, always looking for improvement and analyzing situations by using models and visualization. His career started in the Netherlands and has always been focused internationally. He has worked for companies including Ernst & Young, Heineken, Oracle, MicroStrategy, and Canon.

On his path from Controller to CFO, Maarten-Jan has improved and fine-tuned skills like reporting and analysis, (re)structuring processes, and developing short-, mid- and long-term budgets/forecasts and strategic key indicators. He strongly believes that each challenge is unique and deserves its own solution. He relies on his high-level international management experience at both Fortune 100 companies and SMBs to find that solution. This approach allows him to work well on a part-time, interim, or fractional basis.

Maarten-Jan received his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Europe. He has been living in the United States since 2007 and enjoys the great outdoors in Oregon with his wife and dogs.

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