Sarah Chisholm


Sarah is a mission-driven executive with over 30 years of leadership experience, including over nine years in the C-suite, in a variety of industries including non-profit, governmental, and health care. Sarah is recognized as a charismatic and results-oriented leader with a keen finance focus. In multiple organizations she has been responsible for financial operations, accounting and audit functions, financial reporting, cash management, budget preparations, planning and analysis, and internal controls. As a senior financial executive, she has led numerous revenue enhancement strategies, expense savings initiatives, scenario planning sessions and enterprise-wide system implementations. 

Sarah loves being a financial consultant because she enjoys the challenge of working with various businesses to create long term operational stability, sustainable capital structures, and ultimately more financial flexibility to allow them to achieve their strategic goals. As a fractional CFO, she enjoys working with multiple organizations on a contract or project basis with a special focus on filling critical financial and administrative leadership gaps. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, in Business Administration, with an option in Finance and a minor in Economics, from California State University, Chico. Sarah is an avid gardener and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.

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