George Aguirre


George joined CFO Selections in late 2022, bringing with him a background in the medical field as a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Recognizing the desire for a career change, he pursued a degree in Business Administration. After graduating from Central Washington University in 2021, George's desire to make a positive impact on people's lives remained a driving force behind his decision to transition into a new professional path. His experience working with patients in the medical field honed his ability to connect with and assist individuals, and he sought a profession that would enable him to continue helping others. 
George started his post-graduation journey as a Recruiting Coordinator at Amazon, where he played a vital role in helping individuals achieve significant milestones in their lives. Seeking further opportunities to contribute meaningfully, he joined the team at CFO Selections where he looks forward to developing himself professionally.
As a Seattle native, George loves to explore the beauty of the PNW with friends and family. He also works as a volunteer for pet shelters around Puget Sound.

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