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CFOS Foundation Approves Grants to 4 Non-profit Organizations in 2019


The CFOS Foundation Board approved the grants to non-profit organizations which are well respected in the nonprofit world for their contributions to the foster care ecosystem.  The approved grants were to the following non-profit organizations:

Mockingbird Society

Mockingbird-societyA $25,000 grant to Mockingbird Society, whose mission is to transform foster care and end youth homelessness. They create, support, and advocate for racially equitable, healthy environments that develop and empower young people at risk of—or who are experiencing—foster care or homelessness. Working in partnership with young people with lived experience, Mockingbird Society change policies and perceptions standing between any child and a safe, supportive and stable home. They envision each young person, regardless of race or individual experience, reaching adulthood with an equitable opportunity to thrive.


amara-40A $25,000 grant to Amara, the fourth grant to the organization in six years. This grant will help fund both short-term emergency services and permanent placements for children in foster care.

Founded in 1921 as Medina Children’s Services, Amara offers temporary care to children entering the foster care system, foster care and adoption services for children already in the system, and training and support for adoptive families. Amara’s emergency sanctuary provides a safe and supportive place for kids immediately after they are removed from their homes by Child Protective Services or law enforcement and is the only facility of its kind in King County.

Bridge Meadows

bridge-meadows-logoA $25,000 grant to Bridge Meadows which promotes health and well-being across three generations by providing permanent, adoptive homes for youth in foster care, supporting adoptive parents with resources and guidance, and helping elders retain meaning and purpose in their daily lives through positive social connection.

Bridge Meadows develops and sustains inter-generational neighborhoods for adoptive families of youth formerly in foster care that promote permanency, community and caring relationships while offering safety and meaningful purpose in the daily lives of older adults.

Kindering Cherish Program

kindering-cherishA $25,000 grant to the Kindering Cherish Program.  CHERISH is an Early Intervention infant mental health home-visiting service for foster children ages 0-3 in King County. Kindering supports the creation of attachment security and aim to decrease the number of unnecessary placement disruptions in a foster child’s life. Kindering supports reunifications whenever possible and encourage relationships between caregivers and birth parents. Interventions for each child-caregiver are individualized and include; listening to concerns, exploring possible solutions, and in-the-moment play and other regulating activities.

We appreciate the contributions these organizations make to the community.

About the CFOS Foundation

The CFOS Foundation was founded by the partners of CFO Selections in 2007. The vision of this group is to harness the energy and talent of professional people who care about the needs of local foster children and work to make a measurable, positive impact in their lives.

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