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CFOS Foundation Awards Third Grant to Friends of the Children

Bellevue, WA – For the third year in a row, vulnerable children and youth in King County will benefit from a grant awarded to Friends of the Children (Friends-KC) by the CFOS Foundation.

This year’s grant, which will be disbursed over a two-year period, will be used to support ongoing operation of a unique mentoring program which seeks to increase positive adult influence in the lives of children through long-term relationships. Kelly Stockman Reid, Executive Director of the program, stated “We greatly appreciate the foundation’s continued commitment to Friends of the Children. This investment from CFO Selections helps us to continue our 12-year commitment to the children in our program, ensuring they have the guidance and support they need to succeed in school, explore their talents, and pursue their dreams.”

Friends-KC has created a compelling way to address the challenges of children who grow up under the most difficult circumstances. With the help of schools and other social service agencies, Friends-KC identifies Kindergarten-age children with the most risk factors affecting their immediate environment and their ability to thrive. These factors include: poverty, homelessness, poor academic performance, and family histories of domestic violence, substance abuse, and prostitution. Though only five or six years old, these children have often witnessed violence, lived with any number of caregivers and guardians, and been told time and time again that they were worthless.

When they enter the Friends-KC program, children are paired with a consistent, long-term, professional mentor— called a Friend —who spends four hours with them every single week until they graduate from high school. Each Friend is a full time staff member who works with eight children to give them the support they need to grow and thrive. Friends engage in a wide variety of activities with program children to foster their school success, enhance their emotional and physical health, and expose them to new places and experiences. Friends set short and long-term goals with each child that celebrate their successes and support them through challenges.

More information about Friends of the Children is available on their website. To learn more about volunteering, call 206-328-3535. To make an instant donation, click here.

About the CFOS Foundation

The CFOS Foundation was founded in 2007 by the partners of CFO Selections LLC: Mark Tranter, Rich Leo and Tom Varga. The vision of this group is to harness the energy and talent of professional people who care about the needs of local children in micro-communities and work to make a measurable, positive impact within these communities.

The CFOS Foundation looks to provide both funding and leadership to effect change, one child at a time. More information is available on the website.

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