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Local Foundations Join Forces to Fund Youth Leadership Training

At CFO Selections, we know the power of a group can be far greater than the sum of its parts.  We see this in our consulting and search practices, and are beginning to explore the idea of collective impact through cooperation in the CFOS Foundation as well. 

Recently, The Foundation joined with three other groups to fund the attendance of foster kids in the first year leadership program offered by local nonprofit Global Visionaries.  During this year, the teens will receive training in  leadership, diversity, and cross-cultural understanding as well as fundraising and philanthropy.

While serving on local and international volunteer teams, they will also participate in the all the GV retreats, including the international cultural immersion/volunteer experience in Guatemala.  Through these hands-on experiences, the youth will learn the essential 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.

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About Global Visionaries

Founded in 1997, Global Visionaries offers a  school-year-long curriculum for high school students that finishes with a cultural experience in Guatemala. The program emphasizes community service at home and abroad while promoting understanding of global interconnectedness.  Students who complete the leadership program have the opportunity to join  the Youth Board program, in which they facilitate workshops for students in the leadership program and contribute to the operations of Global Visionaries.

About the CFOS Foundation

The CFOS Foundation was founded by the partners of CFO Selections LLC. The vision of this group is to harness the energy and talent of professional people who care about the needs of local foster children and work to make a measurable, positive impact in their lives.

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