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The CFOS Foundation is Excited to Announce the Installation of Three New Board Members

The CFOS Foundation is excited to announce the installation of three new Foundation Board members. All three have years of experience in the non-profit sector and are welcome additions.

The new board members are:

                Cassie Mires, associate philanthropic advisor with The Seattle Foundation

                Jacki Lorenz, major gift director at The Millionair Club Charity

                Candi Avery, CPA, audit principal at Clark Nuber P.S.

The CFOS Foundation also wishes to express our thanks and deep gratitude to three departing Board members who have contributed years of service to ensure the success of the Foundation.

                Bill Baldwin, The Partners Group, retired

                Erin Welch, Jacobson Jarvis & Co.

                Allison Pierce, The Seattle Foundation

The CFOS Foundation was launched in 2007 by the partners of CFO Selections. The individuals strongly believe in the concept that even small companies have an obligation to re-invest in the communities from which they earn their living. The funding, however, is only a starting point. It is also the dream of the founders to offer scarce and valuable executive time and talent to recipient organizations. Through the network connections of its advisory board, partners, and professional affiliations, the CFOS Foundation supports and encourages volunteerism among executives to dedicate their time and talent to our recipient organizations, thus multiplying the effect of the treasure.

The CFOS Foundation is directed by a ten-person community-controlled advisory board, eight of which are community leaders, and two of which are CFOS representatives. The board is solely responsible for assessing grant applications and making grant recommendations to The Seattle Foundation, and is governed by a code of ethics.

The Foundation relies on the participation of all its Board members and looks forward to continuing our mission of “Focusing on programs that further the well-being, specifically, of foster children” for many years to come.

The CFOS Foundation Fund (the “Fund”) is a component fund of The Seattle Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) organization. The Seattle Foundation has exclusive legal control over all funds received. Accordingly, contributions to the Fund are treated for tax purposes as gifts to a Section 501(c)(3) public charity and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The CFOS Foundation Fund is compliant with the nondiscrimination and privacy policies of The Seattle Foundation.

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