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Third Quarter 2009: From the Desk of Steve McGraw

Published In: Starlight Foundation Newslette on July 26th 2009
Author: Steve McGraw

I am very happy to announce that our Starlight chapter continues among the top performing charities nationally, and has been recognized for our third annual 4-star rating with the premiere charity watchdog, Charity Navigator.

As you know, we have reduced expenses and staffing as a necessary reactive strategy to the economic slowdown. Thankfully, we have many volunteers and interns who are hands-on assisting our staff in program services, fundraising, marketing, and office support. We are very grateful for their support, especially at this time.

We are continuing to focus on our goals of networking, and asking everyone connected to Starlight to reach out to individuals, employee groups, and businesses and invite them to learn more about Starlight. I would very much like to present our Starlight story in lunchtime presentations to employees and one-to-one meetings with business and community leaders.

We are also extremely grateful in receiving generous foundation support over the past three months, including Bellevue Rotary, CFO Selections, Union Pacific, Puyallup Tribe of Indians, QFC Kroger, Tacoma Rotary, Wockner, Norcliffe, and Elizabeth A. Lynn. We realize that many funding sources have tightened their giving this past year so we are honored to be recognized for the amazing important work we do.

We also want to acknowledge the significant contributions from Nintendo of America, which continues to provide our offices and warehouse and partner with us in many ways.

We sincerely appreciate your personal support of Starlight. Please consider designating your workplace giving to Starlight.

It is always a team effort to achieve worthwhile goals and missions. Thank you for your part!

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