Kari Chapman


Kari is an experienced financial leader with 25 years of experience in social service, education, low-income housing and mortgage banking industries. As a career nonprofit professional, Kari is comfortable jumping between mentoring staff, reviewing organizational strategy, communicating with the Board of Directors and analyzing detailed financial results to drive decision making.

Since her career began in public accounting, Kari has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations and has experience in all facets of accounting, payroll, budgeting, and internal controls as well as managing human resources, facilities, and information technology. As CFO of a large social service nonprofit, she played a key role in modeling the successful acquisition of a smaller nonprofit with complimentary services. With an extensive background in government and foundation grants, Kari has led workshops for other grantees on budgeting and was recently invited to take part as the finance lead in Colorado Department of Education’s Facility School Workgroup tasked with reforming special education in Colorado facility schools.

Kari holds a Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Auburn University. When not working, she enjoys hiking and skiing in the Colorado mountains, running, kickboxing and participating in triathlons of all distances including one full distance Ironman.

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