Trent Sutton


Trent has served as a Fractional CFO since 2016. He is an experienced, financially-oriented C-level executive, strategic thinker, team builder and supportive leader accessible around the country from his base in the Denver area. Trent manages companies’ finances by diving into the weeds upfront, developing a complete understanding of what needs to be done and how it can be done most cost-effectively.

Trent weaves financial discipline into the fabric of company culture through oversight of the accounting function including financial reporting, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and budgeting. He builds effective accounting and finance teams that seek to understand the entire business and become catalysts for company success. Trent leads development of strategic plans and builds sophisticated financial models to help the CEO and Board of Directors understand company value, alternative business cases and exit strategies. He works with securities and tax counsel during financings to strictly adhere to SEC and IRS regulations and often leads the fund-raising effort along with the CEO. He frequently meets with current and prospective investors.

Prior to joining CFO Selections, Trent was a project-focused fractional CFO and founder of several companies. He helped guide Quintess, a luxury vacation club, from zero to over $30 million in annual revenue. Trent also has experience in health and consumer products, high-end travel, modular construction and container modification, recreational equipment, software, online services, and telecom. Trent holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, and a BA in Accounting from Michigan State University. He loves the outdoors, international travel, and time with family.

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