Walter Hammond

Walter-HammondWalter Hammond is a financial leader dedicated to nurturing community value. Grateful for his education and transformative journey, he shares his decades of not-for-profit (NFP) financial experience spanning the Pacific Northwest and the globe. He collaborates with visionary community leaders to establish resilient NFP financial foundations that bolster lasting community value through interim, fractional, and project CFO consulting.

Starting as a Financial Director for impactful Pacific Northwest organizations, Walter expanded his reach globally as a USAID Financial Management Officer, using risk assessments as consultative tools to help USAID NFP partners build sustainable fiduciary skills. He later built USAID's Enterprise Risk Management team, and then as Deputy CFO for Overseas Operations, he enhanced the diversity of overseas financial teams to better humanize collaboration with local partners, providing a foundation for sustainable development.

Walter's approach unites careful listening and innovation with strategic planning, linked budgeting, cash flow modeling, indirect cost rate development, and comprehensive financial performance reporting. His hands-on approach navigates from transactions to trial balances to compelling financial stories.

With an MBA from Gonzaga University and an Accounting degree from Eastern Washington University, Walter is an avid global explorer, uncovering hidden gems and embracing the Pacific Northwest's beauty through hiking.

Walter Hammond’s passion is to help NFP teams open doors to the possible.

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