Alyssa Farber


Alyssa is a seasoned financial leader with 20+ years of experience in nonprofit financial management and strategic planning. She excels in financial analysis, budgeting, and resource allocation to drive mission-driven goals.

With a strong track record, Alyssa implements financial best practices, streamlines processes, and enhances transparency in nonprofits. Her expertise encompasses financial reporting standards, compliance, and grant management, enabling efficient navigation of complex financial landscapes.

As an Interim CFO, Alyssa adopts a results-oriented approach, emphasizing data-driven decision-making and accountability. She fosters collaboration, empowers staff, and promotes cross-functional teamwork to achieve organizational objectives.

During the COVID lockdown, Alyssa successfully led a 20-member finance and operations team at Seattle Foundation. There, she ensured compliance and managed $1.2B in assets and 1,200 charitable funds. As a strategic business advisor to the Senior Leadership Team, she contributed valuable insights.

Alyssa's collaborative nature extended to partnering with the Chief Engagement Officer at Seattle Foundation. Together, they operationalized fundraising and advisory service workflows, resulting in comprehensive process planning and team-wide involvement. This led to improved role clarity, data-driven goal metrics, and enhanced accountability.

Motivated by a commitment to societal impact, Alyssa believes informed financial decision-making is crucial for driving social change. She is dedicated to helping nonprofits maximize resources for sustainable and measurable outcomes.

With an MBA from UC Berkeley and accreditation as an ICF Coach, Alyssa possesses unique skills to tackle nonprofit challenges. She collaborates effectively with executives and board members, offering strategic financial guidance and developing realistic forecasts aligned with an organization's mission and vision.

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