Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer-ThompsonJennifer started her career in hospitality management. Fifteen years working in operations and logistics gave her a work ethic and passion for problem-solving and service that drives her success as a Fractional Controller/CFO today. She now has 8 years of experience as a CPA and excels in positioning finance departments as valued, interactive partners that guide non-profits and small businesses for long-term success. She delivers high-impact, meaningful financial reports that align with program delivery and strategic initiatives.

In the spirit of non-profit management, she thrives while wearing many hats. She is a “hands on” project manager and leads with hard skills in accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, cash flow forecasting, fund management, grant management, audit preparation, general ledger and data management and staff training. She provides an overall assessment and further guidance based on review of accounting systems and internal controls, gathering data to inform and support a development plan to increase system efficiencies.

Jennifer is a strong thought leader and delivers outstanding value in long-term strategic planning. She offers CFO advisory services for non-profit senior leaders and boards that emphasize organizational synergy with mission-driven programming goals. Jennifer’s favorite engagements are those that are loaded with a sense of urgency. “I work best under pressure!”

Jennifer is energetic and is usually looking for things to learn. She speaks Spanish near fluently and visits Mexico often. She also studies German. Other hobbies include playing the piano, ballroom dancing, agility training with her long-time companion “Paco” (horse), and most importantly, seeking new adventures with her best friend, life partner and husband, Bob.

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