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Ernst & Young’s Northwest Entrepreneurs Of The Year (Thomas L. Varga – Finalist)

Published In: Seattle Business on August 5th 2009
Author: Randy Woods

Thomas Varga is what you’d call a multitasker:  he’s a chef, an avid mountaineer, an MBA degree holder, a teacher, a single father, and after 25 years of experience working with small businesses, a managing partner of CFO Selections.

Created in 2002 as a financial consulting firm, CFO Selections expanded in 2006 to include an executive search service. 

Varga works to maintain strategic partnerships with banks, accounting businesses, human resources firms and other service providers so that they are able to help their clients with referrals.  The company has seen significant growth since its founding, and has thrived during the recession as more companies have looked to outsource their CFO needs. 

In March of this year, Varga acquired an accounting consulting business and plans to increase its staff.  CFO Selections employs roughly 20 consultants, who have an average of 26 years of experience.

In 2007, Varga created the CFOS Foundation, which provides CFO services for nonprofit groups that benefit disadvantaged children.

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