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Published In: Seattle Business Magazine on February 27th 2009
Author: Niki Stojnic

Some of the highest-caliber chief financial officers in Washington aren’t crunching numbers at a Fortune 500 firm.  Instead, they’re temping at small- and medium-size businesses for months – even years – stepping into handle mergers and acquisitions, accounting and financial planning.

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Professional Services Firms Eye Opportunities in 2009

Published In: Puget Sound Business Journal on January 30th 2009
Author: Aaron Corvin

One counter trend [to a down economy] is the fact that some companies are hiring temporary work as a hedge against a bad market.  At least one beneficiary of this trend is Bellevue-based CFO Selections, which specializes in recruiting senior-level talent.

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CFO Pay the Silver Lining of SOX. Job Demands Justify Compensation Increases

Published In: Financial Week on July 17th 2006
Author: Aileen Gallagher

NEW YORK – Although they face greater work loads and more pressure than in the past due to the burdens of Sarbanes-Oxley, chief compliance officers receive richer compensation for their additional responsibilities.

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Count on More Rented CFOs

Published In: The Seattle Times on January 11th 2005
Author: Kristina Shevory

Louisa Davis was in a fix.

She hadn’t seen her company’s financial statements in five months, she couldn’t tell if bills had been paid, and more than half of her customers had not paid her in three months.

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