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Trafficking in Talent

Published In: Washington CEO Magazine on July 1st 2007
Author: Aaron Corvin

CFO Selections LLC
Location: Bellevue

Founded: 2002

Key Innovation :

CFO Selections matches experienced, semi-retired controllers, financial vice presidents and chief financial officers with small- to midmarket companies that need that level of leadership but historically have not had access to it or could not afford it.

“The typical CFO on the team has over 26 years of experience in multiple industries and financial roles,” says Tom Varga , founder and managing partner. “They each bring intangible executive insights gained from having ‘been there and done that.'” CFO Selections strives to make these important connections in an on-demand, flexible and affordable way. In this way, the company serves CFOs who are looking to work part time, while providing growing companies with the experience they need to manage their financial interests. “It’s this ability to bring balance in terms of their life,” Varga says of the executives, “and at the same time help fuel the economic engine of Puget Sound.”

Key People:

Varga, founder and managing partner; Mark Tranter, partner, business development; Rich Leo, partner, executive search.

Measure of Success:

“There’s only one measure that really matters, and that’s customer satisfaction,” Varga says. “We’ve had clients come back to us three and four times over the past six years. One guy calls us his ace in the hole.” Varga points to the company’s rapid growth as another measure of success: Revenue skyrocketed to $1.6 million in 2006, up 360 percent from $348,000 in 2004. Additionally, the company was nominated as one of the best places to work by several publications this year and in 2006.

Employees: 26

What’s Next:

Varga says the company will continue to emphasize its role as a conduit for linking experienced executives with young and growing companies. He likens it to a family making sure the children spend time with their grandparents. “We kind of do that on a professional services basis,” Varga says.

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