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“Who’s Hiring” Column

Published In: Puget Sound Business Journal on April 2nd 2010
Author: Greg Lamm

Mark Tranter is a partner at CFO Selections LLC, a Bellevue-based firm that offers consulting services and executive search services in finance and accounting.

What does the employment landscape look like for executives? There are still a lot of people out there looking for work at the executive level. It’s definitely getting better than it was this time last year, but the needle hasn’t moved very much. The number of applicants out there is still pretty consistent. You are not seeing a ton of uptick in hiring.

Where are the bright spots? Health care has picked up a little. What we’ve also seen more of recently is early stage companies hiring, angel- and venture-backed companies starting to ramp up.

What other trends are you noticing? Two things are happening. Some executives are changing industries, temporarily changing what they are doing in hopes of finding work. I’m also seeing people doing short-term project work until they land their next permanent position.

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