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Dave Lenox

Dave Lenox is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit, change management, organization design, and management fields. He is a skilled business development professional with a BS in Special Education from Missouri State University and a Master of Business Leadership focusing in Organization and Change Management from Capella University. Before joining Valtas Group, Dave was President and CEO of Special Olympics Washington (SOWA). His career with Special Olympics began in 1985as the Area Director in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Why Diversity is Good for Business

Sometimes in our professional lives we do things because we think they are a smart business move. Sometimes we act because we have no choice because the market demands it. Sometimes we take positions or actions because we are thinking about our company’s ethos and reputation in the community.

Every now and then, those things are at odds with each other. And other times, they align perfectly.

Paying attention to and acting on diversity in your business is one issue that can help you align all those facets of your business. It can help you show the world (your employees, clients, and potential customers) who you are, what you value, how the way you value people and business shows up in your work. It can also help you refine your thinking and actions to make all that public positioning real!

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