The CFO'S Perspective

The Ultimate Guide to Better Cash Flow Forecasting for Business Services

There is a misconception that business services companies do not need to prioritize cash flow management in the same way that retail businesses do because they do not have the same kind of inventory demands. However, cash flow planning is just as important for service providers as it is for retailers because cash is the lifeblood of both!

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Do Service Providers Need Office Space Anymore?

People are asking, “How much office space do service providers need these days?” But perhaps it is more appropriate to ask, do service providers really need office space at all anymore?

Since the shift to remote work, it seems everything from making introductions and generating quotes to signing contracts and conducting client meetings can be done virtually now. With that in mind, many services companies are left wondering if they even need their office space these days. As a result, they are leaning on their CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) to do the cost analysis required to determine if they should keep their existing office space, downgrade to a smaller space, or forgo having a centralized office entirely. Where service providers do retain their office space, a CFO’s job is not done. In these cases, service companies are relying on their CFOs to re-negotiate office leases and make leasehold improvements to help improve their cost efficiency in today’s tight economy.

To keep the office or not keep the office – that is the question. What should your business do?

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How Creating Connection is Helping Service Providers Improve Revenue

Creating authentic connections with customers can help companies to attract new customers, retain existing customers, and develop brand advocates to increase customer lifetime value across the organization. It can also benefit employees, strengthening the company from within. Having a meaningful connection with the people they are serving allows employees to find meaning in the work that they do, simultaneously increasing employee retention and making it easier to attract top talent for new roles. The net effect of these internal and external shifts is greater, more sustainable revenue.

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