The CFO'S Perspective

The CEO Email Fraud

Carl in accounting receives an urgent email from Erica, the company CEO. 

The unusual email captures Carl’s attention, so he verifies that it is from Erica’s email and notes how the tone and writing style is consistent with her other email messages.  The CEO is requesting a wire be sent immediately to the bank displayed in the email.  Since Erica is out of town, Carl complies and sends the wire as requested. 

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Understanding the Relationship Between a CEO and CFO - the Ultimate Partnership

Some say that CFOs are now more important than CEOs and the financial crisis in 2008 made companies more dependent on CFOs in order to focus on accumulating cash as a brace against further turmoil similar to the credit implosion. A corporate CFO is a professional who must find ways to protect the bottom line while instilling confidence in their company's financial statements. Beyond their financial expertise, CEOs of leading companies are looking for a CFO who can help them manage the business, complement their skills, and offer leadership.

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