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Scott Fowle

Scott Fowle

Scott Fowle is a Partner with CFO Selections, serving as the Practice Manager for the Colorado region. He joined the business development and marketing team at CFO Selections in 2021 to establish the Colorado practice. Scott started his own outsourced CFO business in Colorado in 2016 serving owners, founders, and business leaders in the financial services, software, construction, manufacturing, and professional services industries.

Recent Posts by Scott Fowle:

Danger Ahead – What are the Future Business Risks? And what can we do about it? (From a CFO’s Perspective)

Uncertainty, a term frequently mentioned by business leaders today, essentially refers to business risk - an area CFOs often focus on. Let's delve into the various types of risk a business may face.

Topics: Planning Forecasting Risk Management

The Great Resignation: Make it Stop!

Every conversation I have these days starts with hiring woes and worker shortages, whether when having coffee with a banker or discussions in line at the airport. They steer towards how we are all affected by shortages, delays, and uncertainties. It isn't easy to remain optimistic when there are no new ideas around what we can do to fix it.

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