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Mark Westerheide

Mark Westerheide

Mark is on the Seattle CFO Selections team as a fractional CFO/Controller. He has experience with project based, interim, or part-time. We work diligently with management as a trusted adviser on key issues, and has also worked with the accounting staff to ensure they are properly trained in accounting procedures, best business processes & practices, and software.

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Converting Accounts Receivable (A/R) into Cash

How quickly are you turning your Accounts Receivable to cash? Every business needs working capital to cover operating expenses, including inventory costs. You don’t want your cash tied up unnecessarily in accounts receivable. Collection of accounts receivable is essential to the health of your business. So, the faster you receive payment from your customers, the more cash you have in your business, and the faster you can grow your business.

Topics: Cash Flow Accounts Receivable