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Vega Tom

Vega Tom

Vega Tom brings fourteen years of non-profit accounting, finance, and strategic leadership experience. After starting her career as a construction bookkeeper and office manager, she quickly shifted gears to pursue non-profit work. Driven by a passion for social justice and equity, she transitioned to be the bookkeeper and human resource coordinator for the Hospice of Washington County.

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The Pros and Cons of Creating an Endowment for a Non-Profit

Every so often, one of my non-profit clients will see a small windfall in unrestricted funds, such as a large gift or bequest, proceeds on the sale of an asset, or loan forgiveness. Wanting to protect funding for mission-driven programs into the future, some will start discussing the possibility of setting up an endowment. But this begs the question:

What exactly is an endowment, and are they always the best thing to do?"

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