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Vega Tom

Vega Tom

Vega Tom brings fourteen years of non-profit accounting, finance, and strategic leadership experience. After starting her career as a construction bookkeeper and office manager, she quickly shifted gears to pursue non-profit work. Driven by a passion for social justice and equity, she transitioned to be the bookkeeper and human resource coordinator for the Hospice of Washington County.

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Why Would a Banker Recommend Working with a CFO?

As a business owner, you may find yourself in a conversation with your banking relationship manager who will suggest you talk to a Consulting CFO or introduce you to one of our partners at CFO Selections. You likely already know that a relationship manager sees themself as an advisory partner to your business and, therefore, wants you to succeed. However, it might not always be clear what they are looking for in working with a consulting CFO or why they are sending you in our direction.

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The Pros and Cons of Creating an Endowment for a Non-Profit

Every so often, one of my non-profit clients will see a small windfall in unrestricted funds, such as a large gift or bequest, proceeds on the sale of an asset, or loan forgiveness. Wanting to protect funding for mission-driven programs into the future, some will start discussing the possibility of setting up an endowment. But this begs the question:

What exactly is an endowment, and are they always the best thing to do?"

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