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Tom Varga

Tom Varga

Tom Varga is a Founder and the Managing Partner of the Valtas Group. Valtas is Tom’s fourth entrepreneurial effort having founded several successful professional services firms previously including CFO Selections LLC and Accounting Solutions Partners in the past 20 years. Tom Varga and his Partners Mark Tranter and Rich Leo also started the CFOS Foundation to fulfill a deep and passionate commitment to philanthropy and the pivotal role corporate philanthropy must play in the community.

Recent Posts by Tom Varga:

Corporate Philanthropy: What is in Your Budget?

As head of CFO Selections corporate philanthropy initiatives, the question I get most often, especially now at budget time, from other company executives is, “What is the right amount of money to budget for donations?”

Before answering this question, I usually ask,

What are you hoping to achieve with your corporate philanthropy?”

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Corporate Social Responsibility Makes Good Business Sense

Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.  -  John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Being recognized for Corporate Philanthropy has long been thought of as a nice PR benefit of business giving. However, “giving” just isn’t enough. Even being a good corporate citizen can be improved upon. Being a socially responsible business should be the goal of every company's giving program.

Corporate Social Responsibility makes good business sense.