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Spotlight on Preventing Waste: Leanpath – Pioneering Food Waste Reduction Technology

Editor’s Note: We are fortunate to have many exceptional clients. From time to time, we include “Company Spotlight” posts in our blog to express our gratitude and appreciation for the awesome work they do and the accomplishments they achieve. Enjoy!

Leanpath understands that what gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets improved.

Traditionally, food waste in high-production kitchens was “invisible.” It would be thrown away throughout the day with no one aware of its accumulated weight and cost. Food waste needed to be measured so kitchens could manage it and improve it. So, they could finally “see” it. But how to make that tracking easy? Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman asked that question 16 years ago.

The answer was a technology suite introduced in 2004 that, today, represents a complete food waste prevention platform consisting of in-kitchen tracking devices, analytics software that crunches food waste data, and coaching programs that help kitchens understand their data and act on it to prevent food waste.

Leanpath cuts its clients’ food waste by 50% or more. Since 2014 alone, working with thousands of kitchens across 40 countries--with clients including Google, IKEA, Aramark and Sodexo--Leanpath has empowered culinary teams to prevent over 55 million pounds of food from being wasted.

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