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What Do You Really Need in a Controller?

When you need to hire a Controller, what should you look for? What do you really need and what is just nice to have?

Obviously, as the person who will have ownership over your entire accounting operation, you need someone that is disciplined, focused, and organized, but what else? Your Controller should be a strong accountant with a tactical focus and solid track record of reliable performance, but their resume should not end there. When you are looking to bring in a Controller, find someone who will also:

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How do Financial Controllers Add Value?

Last year had been dubbed The Year of the Controller by financial recruiters because demand for the position dramatically increased amid uncertain economic times and increased accounting needs at many organizations. This year has seen continued interest in the role and there is no indication that the buzz around the Controller role is slowing down, which means that going into 2024 many companies are still inquiring about how a Controller differs from a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and how a Controller can benefit their organization.

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How to Choose Between a Controller and a CFO

It might seem like a matter of semantics in a small to mid-sized company to use the Controller and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) job titles interchangeably. After all, don’t they essentially do the same thing?

The fact is there is a difference between the two. A CFO is not simply a more experienced and higher paid controller – the roles are different and require a different level of experience and a different way of operating.

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Your Business May Not Need a CFO

Many businesses don’t need a CFO.  Yours may be one of them.

To be clear, pretty much every business needs some form of finance lead, or at least a solid accountant.

But if you are the owner or CEO of a privately held, reasonably successful small to mid-sized business, it’s pretty unlikely you need a CFO.  Certainly not a full-time CFO.

Now, depending on some of the challenges your business is facing, you may have the need or desire for some form of interim, part-time or “fractional” CFO.  But a full-time permanent CFO?  There’s a good chance that just doesn’t make sense.

Why not?  Because in this type of business, the primary responsibilities of the true CFO are either not required or they are handled by the business owner or CEO.

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How to Find & Hire Qualified CFO Controller Candidates

Whether your business has grown to a size that requires a trusted professional to handle your financials, or it has become apparent that a replacement is necessary for someone in a key position, hiring a qualified CFO or controller can be a challenge.  Your company's CFO or Controller is an essential member of your senior management team.

When you hire a CFO or Controller, where do you start? What should be your primary focus? The answers to these and other questions could be the difference between qualified candidates and warm bodies with resume in hand.

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