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What Do You Really Need in a Controller?

When you need to hire a Controller, what should you look for? What do you really need and what is just nice to have?

Obviously, as the person who will have ownership over your entire accounting operation, you need someone that is disciplined, focused, and organized, but what else? Your Controller should be a strong accountant with a tactical focus and solid track record of reliable performance, but their resume should not end there. When you are looking to bring in a Controller, find someone who will also:

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How do Financial Controllers Add Value?

Last year had been dubbed The Year of the Controller by financial recruiters because demand for the position dramatically increased amid uncertain economic times and increased accounting needs at many organizations. This year has seen continued interest in the role and there is no indication that the buzz around the Controller role is slowing down, which means that going into 2024 many companies are still inquiring about how a Controller differs from a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and how a Controller can benefit their organization.

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The CEO Email Fraud

Carl in accounting receives an urgent email from Erica, the company CEO. 

The unusual email captures Carl’s attention, so he verifies that it is from Erica’s email and notes how the tone and writing style is consistent with her other email messages.  The CEO is requesting a wire be sent immediately to the bank displayed in the email.  Since Erica is out of town, Carl complies and sends the wire as requested. 

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