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Sheri Ferguson

Sheri Ferguson

Sheri Ferguson is a founding partner of Accounting Solutions Partners, LLC which has been providing accounting and bookkeeping services to small and midsize companies since 2006. She has served on the board of CFOS Foundation since 2010 and has been a partner at CFO Selections, LLC since 2013. Sheri has over thirty years of experience in accounting and financial services. She has successfully owned and managed three accounting services companies in both eastern and western Washington. Accounting Solutions Partner’s team of over 80 professionals has many satisfied clients in multiple industries including professional services, start-up technology, e-commerce, construction, non-profit, and healthcare.

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What Really Matters to Improve Employee Retention

With current unemployment rates remaining at historical lows, businesses around the Northwest say their number one challenge is finding and retaining employees. For a business with an existing team, it is vital for them to retain their employees and increase engagement.

Not only are the costs of finding, hiring, and training new employees (if you can find them) high, a team of passionate employees often leads job seekers to your company. Investing in the happiness of your existing team will generate a big return on your investment.

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