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How Does Your CFO Spend Their Day?


Ever wonder why your CFO spends more time in their office than anywhere else? Or maybe you have a CFO who is always out meeting with people outside your business when you are trying to talk with them about an issue? Do you have a Controller who feels ignored by your CFO?  Do you have a CFO who is great at talking about the needs of your business, but can’t seem to answer a detailed question about the financial statements?

In my years as a CPA/auditor, an employee within companies in finance management roles, and as a recruiter focusing on senior finance positions, it is very apparent one can put a CFO in three categories.

Of course, not everyone is a single variety grape wine, most people are a blend, but I have found these three categories quickly summarize the most common types of CFO in the eyes of the CEO and others in an organization. 

The question as a CEO or business owner is, do you have the right type for your organization?

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The holidays are here. Letters are pouring in to Santa and to our editor. Here is one such letter and the editor's response.

  Some of my friends say there are no good CFO’s.
  Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’
  Please tell me the truth; are there any good CFO’s?”
 ----- From Virginia, CEO

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Before & After... Hiring a Part-Time CFO

The thought of needing to hire a CFO often doesn't come before there is some sign of trouble. Most companies try to operate using the “bank account formula” for as long as possible and then make a change only when the pain becomes too great. “Let me look at my bank account… if I have money, I must be OK!”

Fortunately, this no longer a black and white choice. The most successful businesses are built on a collaborative foundation, and a growing number of companies are embracing the concept of hiring a part-time CFO. Instead of being just a sunk operating cost, this move is now widely viewed as a smart business investment that is delivering positive returns.

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Advantages of a Part Time CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position is an important component in the success of any company. A capable CFO takes the time to understand the financial operations of his/her own company, as well as the company’s position in the industry. That knowledge informs vital strategic financial decisions that are often the primary drivers of business growth.

However, the costs associated with a CFO role typically put it out of the reach of many small businesses and startups. Some companies choose to forgo a CFO altogether, opting to let the head of the business make the financial decisions with the help of a CPA, accountant, or other less experienced financial professional. Much like taking a road trip without turn-by-turn GPS directions, this route may result in poor financial management that leads the company astray.

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A Finance Leader's Support of the CEO Directly Impacts Your Business Success

In years past, a company's financial leader was largely disregarded when it came to strategic planning. In fact, many CEOs believed that a solid group of accountants could negate the need for a CFO altogether. Fortunately, these ideas have evolved.

Your company may have the most ground-breaking products or services and eye-popping marketing campaigns, but this is not enough to ensure financial success. This requires a closer relationship between the CEO and CFO, as well as the supporting roles within your company's finance team.

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