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Jacki Lorenz

Jacki Lorenz

Jacki Lorenz is a co-founder and partner of Valtas Group. With 40 years in the business community, Jacki’s career has spanned Fortune 100 corporations to national financial institutions. ​After leaving corporate America, Jacki’s latest full-time non-profit endeavor was as the major gifts director at the Millionair Club Charity in Seattle. Since joining Valtas, Jacki continues to contribute to the non-profit community through her legendary network, enabling her to connect non-profit organizations to the right resources. She holds several non-profit board positions in support of her non-profit passion for Basic Needs.

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How to Join a Nonprofit Board


Since my early days in corporate America working with Fortune 500 firms, I have been involved in the world of nonprofit organizations as a volunteer. I’ve been a member and served on numerous committees and boards. My career eventually led me to work for several nonprofit organizations. As an employee, I not only worked directly with executive directors and board members, I was also actively engaged in developing boards and recruiting board members.

I have seen it all.

The passionate, but misaligned. The resume filler. The perpetually too busy to meaningfully contribute. Just to name a few.

Along the way, I’ve also worked with and recruited highly intelligent, competent, committed and dedicated individuals who are in “the right seat on the bus”.

What’s to come.

I’m writing this to help you become one of the latter types of board members – ones who willingly give their time, talent, and treasure to the organizations they serve; and to help nonprofits get the right board members on their team – the ones who selflessly work on the governance and fundraising side of the organization, enabling the staff to focus on the mission.