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A Retirement Farewell: Saying Goodbye to Tom Varga, Tom Broetje, and Larry Numata

As the year draws to a close, unfortunately, we must bid farewell to some of our nearest and dearest colleagues and friends Tom Varga, Tom Broetje, and Larry Numata.

Each of these men has contributed to our firm in a unique way to power its success. Their contributions to the long-term evolution of our organization will invariably be missed because the years of experience they leave with are not going to be easy to replace.

So, while we selfishly wish they were not leaving, we wish them best in their retirement.

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Nick Anderson & Bill Palmer - The 3 P’s

Nick Anderson (Columbia Bank) recently invited Bill Palmer (CFO Selections) to be interviewed in a 4-video series. Nick and Bill had an in-depth conversation about the 3 P’s:

  1. Finding the right Partner
  2. Getting the right Products
  3. Negotiating a fair Price.

The series was shared via LinkedIn but in case you missed it, we have the four-video series wrapped up into one.

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This is Us! - Community Impact

We are privileged to provide our clients with the best finance experts in the region. Not only are they experts in the field, they are also authentic, caring and generous people. We want to honor them by giving you the opportunity to get to know them a bit better.

Our firm is well known for our philanthropic contributions to our communities.  One of our core values centers on philanthropy.

Even small companies have an obligation to re-invest in the communities where they earn their living,”  
- Tom Varga, CFO Selections Founder

What you may not know is how our team goes even further by giving of their own time and talent after hours. The stories of their causes are below.

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